F Dick Ergogrip Double Edge Pig Sticking Knife

$69.90 inc GST

For butchers, hunters, farmers, fishing and home enthusiasts.
Double Edge
High Carbon Steel
Plastic Handle
NSF Certified

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F Dick Ergogrip knives are hygienic cutting tools for butchers, hunters, farmers, fishing and home enthusiasts. Top quality ergonomic design handles for fatigue free working and specially tempered high carbon stainless blades for superior edge retention and ease of maintenance.

Maximum grip, soft handle with solid core. Seamless connection between handle and blade. Simple regrinding of the cutting edge – up to the handle. Special handle design for pain-free and effective work. Higher efficiency thanks to precise cutting techniques. Fast and safe changing of the grip due to the approved shape.

Suitable for use by butchers and chefs who prepare their own meats, this sticking knife is NSF certified. Equipped with an 8 inch, stainless steel and pointed or spear shaped blade, it will easily pierce and is able to handle heavy use.

Crafted with a plastic handle, it offers a secure but comfortable grip for use in any commercial kitchen. Featuring a blue handle, it is also highly visible for added safety with use in hunting or other preparation tasks.

Knives for butchers

The butcher’s knife is made exclusively from high-alloy stainless steel. This material forms the basis for further machining in order to achieve the finished high-quality knife.

The blank is stamped out of specially rolled conical rods. The next step in the manufacturing process, the hardening process, is crucial to the quality of the knife. The blanks are hardened in a protective gas atmosphere in continuous operation at temperatures exceeding 1,000°C. The equipment used at Friedr. Dick meets the current state of the art and guarantees a defined and controlled hardening process. Any contact with oxygen is avoided to prevent surface oxidation since this would necessitate subsequent grinding under high contact pressure and thus heating of the blade, which can lead to embrittlement.

The next process stage is so-called tempering. As the hardened steel is inelastic, tempering at temperatures between 200 and 280°C eliminates the greatest internal stress within the steel, i.e. the molecules in the steel are “aligned”. This imparts the required ductility and strength to the blades.


Cannot be sold to residents of SA and VIC, Australia.

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